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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. As my daughter neared her teenage years, a thought started to form in the back of my mind. This thought, born out of a mother's hopes, surprisingly echoed what my daughter was feeling too. We hadn't really talked about the hijab or its place in her life. But as time went on, she shared her heartfelt wish: to walk into high school wearing her hijab, a proud testament to her faith and identity.

Her words warmed my heart. To support her decision, we thought she could start wearing the hijab over the summer before high school. It would be a kind of "test run" to ensure her heart was fully aligned with her choice.

This profound decision set us on a quest. A quest to find a hijab that embodied her youth, spirit, and dedication. The journey, though filled with challenges, sowed the seeds for Bubble Girl.

As the idea evolved, it was evident that our mission transcended mere fashion. We realised that the essence of Bubble Girl transcended physical products. It was about understanding, empathy, and a shared experience. We aimed to craft narratives, challenge perceptions, and cultivate an inclusive space where hijabs were not just garments but symbols of identity, pride, and empowerment.

More than a brand, it envisioned a movement, a community resonating with young Muslim girls and their unique stories.

Bubble Girl, in its essence, became more than just a brand. It emerged as a reflection of the resilience, determination, and courage of every young Muslim girl who chooses to wear the hijab.

It stood as a testament to the unwavering love, support, and encouragement of the families that rally behind them.

Welcome to Bubble Girl - the canvas of courage, commitment, and community.


May Allah safeguard our girls, enveloping them in His protection and grace, always. Ameen.

My Story

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. As high school loomed closer, a great deal of thoughts buzzed in my mind. Among them was the idea of wearing my hijab to school. it was something I had been feeling for a while, I felt high school was the time where I could embrace my faith, I hadn't really sat down with Mum and Dad to chat about it, but the feeling grew stronger within me, a representation of my faith and who I was becoming.

One day, during a casual family dinner, I voiced my thoughts. To my amazement, both Mum and Dad had been thinking about it too. We came up with a plan together: I'd start wearing the hijab during the summer, easing into it before school started.

This personal decision took us on an adventure of its own. We were on the hunt for a hijab that felt like 'me', one that captured my energy and respected our traditions. It wasn't a walk in the park, but it was during this quest that Bubble Girl was born in our hearts.

As Bubble Girl blossomed, I saw it wasn't just about a hijab. It was a space where girls like me, with all our questions and curiosities, could find relatable stories. How do I talk about the hijab with friends? Why does everything seem geared towards older girls? Bubble Girl became more than a brand; it was a voice, a community for young Muslim girls like me, finding our way.

It reflected the love, understanding, and unwavering support from parents, siblings, and the larger community. All of us, walking this path together.

Welcome to Bubble Girl - our shared journey of discovery, commitment, and belonging. Each design, colour, and product tells our collective story.

May Allah bless our mothers and fathers, the pillars of our strength, and always keep them under His loving protection. Ameen.